Alright, ladies, welcome to Flow on Playpal.

My name is Latasha.

I go with my journey to stay with people.

Before we get started, is there anything that's presenting in your body that we should be mindful of?

Any injury in your arm limited range of motion that might show up in your practice?

Right knee and left knee side by side, Latasha.

Anything else? No?

Feeling pretty good from this part? Yes. Very good.

Let's start with the heartaches of the feet on the far.

The arms are relaxed down to your side.

Let's take a deep breath in, heel, thigh, the back out, exhale.

Again, as you exhale, let your body open with the shoulder stomping, heel and lower back relax.

And also give yourself permission to show up fully.

To be fully present, let your heels have the door.

Take another inhale with this exhale,

and we shall wait for those knees over to the right.

The head turns right so you go through the left shoulder.

Accessing any tension that makes a little spine, where you feel resistance,

then the breath there.

With each exhalation, start to cultivate that navel-dispying connection.

Link of all tension in the mid to low back.

Breathe those knees back towards the midline, your next inhalation.

Exhale, now the knees over to the left.

The head turns up open with the right shoulder.

the opposite side, long deep breaths,

lightening your exhalations,

developing that enable the spine connection.

Good, one more.

And let's breathe, those knees back towards the midline,

the head comes back as well.

So the spine's in a nice straight line,

back and neck is elongated,

and shins, letting your arms down towards the stern.

We start with the heel and hands,

the outermost part of the ribcage,

so the fingers are pointing up towards the sky.

Take a deep breath in.

As you exhale, close and face,

and you go through the fingers to meet right at the center.

That's your core, 15.

So that core's in on,

breathe in and up to the back of the ribcage, up or back.

Exhale, hop and enable towards the carriage.

That's your lateral breath,

moving up and down the back body,

at the front body is engaged in stabilizing the spine.

So anchor that in your memory,

release those arms back down to your side.

From the arches of the reflex to open up the foot,

take a deep breath in, set back body,

exhale, and then back down to the heels,

squeeze in those legs,

and feel wave in that foot bar.

Inhale, drive the carriage down,

and you set the spring full,

and again, exhale in your extension.

Starting to connect your breath with your movement.


Do you think that pelvic floor awareness?


Starting to warm up the body.


The P-Ginulation, we're resisting the spring full.

And try to stop at the carriage,

and we're going to come to the bumper.

We're in next full extension.

The feet point,

crossing through the forepoints.

So what happens here is that the part starts to massage

in open up the arches.

This is particularly good if you prefer to wear high heels,

or if you've ever had fallen arches.

It's just in general.

We have three more extensions here.



We have the top of this left extension.

Drag the carriage halfway down to the point of motion,

and since the pelvic floor,

that just sweeps about little pulses here,

exhale in the middle pulse.

It's about an inch up and an inch down

with each exhalation you're teasing

that pelvic floor contraction,

bringing the brakes on the carriage.

Per five.




And one.

Inhale, breathe it out,

like those legs.

Exhale, bring it all the way back down to the bumper.

Let's bring those heels to the top of the foot bar

and a Pilates feet.

The heels are together.

The feet are flexed.

Toes and knees pointing in the same direction.

Breathing into the back body.

Exhale, full extension,

send that front energy down to the heels.


It really raises long an inhalation.

Try to adjust with the bumper down and down.


Exhale, breathe it out.

Brosing out through the four corners of the feet.

Let that brine take you completely to your destination.


Three more.


And two.

Your last little extension here,

meeting at the top.

Let's find out if we can spot halfway down.

Little pulses.

Slow and controlled.

I really want you to feel the public-borne connection,

how the contractually public-borne

can bring some of the carriage.


Five more.



And two.

And one.

And one.

And one.

And one.

Breathe it out.


Bring the carriage all the way down to the bumper on your exhale.


Let's get into those tippy toes.


Lift those heels.

Make sure all ten toes are on the foot bar.

Breathe in and up.

Exhale, full extension.


Then the knees, drive the carriage down.

Breathe in.

Keep those heels lifted.

Work in those calves.


So your lateral breath is becoming second nature.

The corset around the ribcage is becoming a permanent fixture

of your Pilates practice.

We have four more.

Exhaling for three.


Last lift and lift.

Bring the carriage halfway down.

Keep those heels lifted.

Little pulses.

Slow and controlled.

Deepen them pelvic floor contracture with each exhalation.

Keeping it tailbone anchored for four.




Breathe it out.

Lengs those legs.

Keep them straight.

Then those heels under that foot bar and stretch the calf.

Inhaling calf regs.

Exhaling calf stretch.

Two more.

And one.


Lenging both heels high and heel.

Exhale to your friends and alternating heel lift and heel press.

Make this transition seamless from a stabilized pelvic floor.

Keep the hips neutral.




And one.

Inhale lift both heels.

Exhale bring that carriage all the way down.

Last side is here.

Heels are back on the far end.


Turn down.

If you have flexed,

the toes need for you to stay in direction.

Breathe in and up.

Exhale to the front.

But hold down to the heels for an essential elapse.


Then the knees drag.

The carriage down raises the sprints.

Trade just.

Step up.


Even as the legs elongate, continue to press out through the forefront of the feet.

Working those ankles stabilizers.


Four more.

One more.


Exhale to the back.

Exhale to the back.

Exhale to the back.

Exhale to the back.

Exhale to the back.

The carriage halfway down, final sweep, about one last time.

Pulse is an inch up and an inch down.

Exhale with each down pulse.

Bring the brakes on that carriage.

Or five.




And one.

Stretch it all the way on your inhalation.

Bend the knees.

Bring that carriage all the way down your exhalation.

Let's bring this teenage horse center to bar.


Five of those knees into the chest.


A little bit of a walk and roll.

Side to side.

Circle the knees a few times in either direction.

And then reach for your resistance band.

And let's place the resistance band into the ball of the right foot.

Make sure left leg long over that foot bar to rest.

Anchor the femur, stack the knee over the hip,

lengthen the heel towards the sky.

Bend points and flex for four.



And one.

Hold that dorsiflexion on the side.

Hold onto the strap with your right hand.

Use the heel and the left hand to anchor that left hip down to the carriage.

Inhale, exhale the right leg away from the navel center out to the side.

Lengthen to the pinky toe edge of that right foot.

Breathe that leg longer for four.




Breathe that leg back towards the mid-line.

Switch that strap into your left hand.

Take that right leg across and land the body.

A little hand, some body just in the thumb.

The top of that right hip, the strap stretching away from that lower leg.

Each foot foot bar.



Breathe that right leg back towards the mid-line.

Now slide your right hand to the very base edge of that resistance band.

And make your right hand into a fist and make that fist and anchor right over that right hip.

So you're going to keep the hand over the hip holding onto the strap.

So the right leg is straight towards the sky and then externally rotate.

So we're turning out the wiggles center from the head.

Keep that hand right over the head.

Don't let the hand move around with the key resistance in the band.

We're drawing circles on the ceiling.

Inhale, circle out and down.

Exhale, close the circle.

Inhale, out and down.

Exhale, close the circle.

As you circle, make sure the hips and the pelvic floor are being stabilized and neutral.



And one.

Come to the top of that circle.

Make sure you're still externally rotated.

Change directions across the body and down.


Inhale, in a seep, a circle.

Use your imagination.

See the circle in the ceiling and trace your toes that same circle.

So there's some permanent precision and control circling from many of the lures

and through the entire leg.

So let's go back to the side.

And one.

Close that circle and that right knee.

Release the resistance band from the side.

Stretch that right leg long over the far.

Now left knee draws in towards the chest.

Bringing that resistance band to the ball, that left foot.

Anchoring the femur, staff the knee over the hip,

legs and the heel towards the sky.

Point and flex for four.



And one.

Using your heel of the right hand,

anchor the right hand down to the carriage.


Exhale, that left leg away from the navel center.

Out to the side.

Energy through the pinky toe.

Head to the foot.

Breathe that leg long.



And one.

Breathe that left leg back towards the midline.

Switch that strap into your right hand.

Take that left leg across the middle of the body.

Hands by you guys.

Send the thumb and hook side kick crease.

Stretch it away.

Lower your page.



Breathe that left leg back towards the midline.

Bring your hands to the very face of the resistance band.

With the fifth anchor right over the hip joint.

But don't let the hand move with the circling on the leg.

You want to maintain a resistance.

It's an extra rotation in the left hip.


We're starting with outside circles.

It's an inhale circle out and down.

And exhale to close the circle.

Inhale and down.




Keeping the pelvic floor neutral for three.



At the top of the circle check your actual rotation and change direction.

So, use your imagination.

Visualize a circle.

Let your trays and your toes on.


From the hip is the circle three.


And one.

Inhale, exhale, hug that left knee towards the chest.

Release, then straps it onto the side.

Stretch your left leg long.

The side, the right, just to ensure both legs are back.

Two- third normal length, right?

And let's bring those feet back onto the foot bar.

Do a quick check to make sure your high-rises are flat.

So, support your little legs down.

Bring your

Start with the arches on the foot bar.

The arms are reaching along the back

and that goes nice and long-gated.

Inhale, exhale, exhale, and squeeze those hips

up towards the sky.

And keep the hair still right in the top.

Exhale, lower down.


Inhale to face.

Exhale, lifting those hips towards the sky.

Keep those knees in the leg when the hips sit.

Inhale, and exhale to lower all the way down.


Two more.

Exhale, and then we have


Pause at the top.

And then exhale on the way down.


Last one.

Let's come to the top of this bridge and with me there.


Pause this lower halfway.

Come hold that bridge up.

Exhale, and then lift for four.

And three.

And shoot.

As one, stay at the top of your bridge.

And you can bring your right knee to tabletop.

Hold it.





One, lower that right foot.

Keep the hip square.

Bring that left knee to tabletop.

Hold it for four.



One, lower that left foot.

Everyone lift your bridge a little higher.

Exhale, lower all the way down.

Nice work.

And then across the right ankle of the top of the left thigh.

Figure four.

Hug that left knee in toward the chest.

And then stretch it left leg towards the sky.

Circle the ankle.

Time to stay at the direction.

And one, bend that left knee.

Lower the foot.

Switch the crossing.

Inhale, exhale, hug that right knee in.

Hands her to the back of the thigh.

And then stretch that right leg towards the sky.

And circle the ankle.

Both directions.

And raise.

All right, ladies, come to the head.

Good side of the rear forward.

Taking away out into your playground.

And then we'll see your short box.

Let me down to its bridge surface side.

Come on, it's going to be just a little bit of a stretch.

Make sure it's front all the way in the delmar.

Just to ensure it has no where to go.

We're going to have down to the forearms and the knees.

Stacking the shoulders over the elbows.

The hips directly over the knees.

Let's find a nice and long engagement of straightest muscles.

So lift in the upper ribcage.

Tuck the chest under.


Draw that lower belly in.

The knees are just inches off the mat,

but still directly beneath the head,

so spine is still long.

Don't let the head drop between the shoulders,

keep that head in a neutral alignment.

Hug your muscles to the bones,

it's a full body integration.

Breathe for four, three, two, one.

Inhale, and exhale, lower those knees,

stretch your sit bones back towards the heels.

Make a front here, keep right up in it.

Let any tension or twiggy exhale soften.

So let's breathe back home,

set the shoulders over the elbows,

mix over the knees for pressing.

Hug those shoulders over your inhale.

Draw the navel towards the spine,

so let those knees to hover in our exhale.

Good, keep that spine nice and long.

One foot in time, stepping back into a plank pose.

Good, hug your muscles to your bones,

let those thighs, knees straighten,

lengthen the hover back for four, three, two,

one, now one knee to time,

come back to fair pose, hover.

So don't let the knees lower,

get those knees back to hover.

Good, and then slowly lower those knees.

All the way down, and stretch your sit bones back towards the heels.

It's equal inhalation.

Exhale, bring it up completely.

Good, last step here, breathe it back to home,

set the shoulders over the elbows,

hips over the knees, tuck those toes in heel,

let those knees up to hover in your exhale.

Good, from your hover,

lengthen the time, step back into a full plank pose,

make sure the shoulders are still stacked over the elbows,

and bring your legs together

so your feet doesn't know the touch,

you truly become one.

Inhale, find your exhale, dip the hips over to the right,

working as a glitz.

Inhale back to center, and exhale to the left.

Inhale center.

Inhale to the side.

Shh, inhale.

Inhale, and back to the shh.

Good, core.

Stay strong.

Every time you come through plank pose,

we're gonna make sure that you are supported.

Last one.

Good, plank pose, hold five, three, four, three, two, one.

Lower those knees.

Good, this time reach up for the bar,

left knee on the springboard.

Maybe the knee can go on a little bit closer,

toward the short box,

and then sit back towards the heels,

and just let this sit-spones hover over the heels.

Let that whole spine open up.

Then maybe let this way,

just make a side side.

For four, three, two,

and one, bring that spine back to neutral.

And then come to standing right in front of your bar.

Having two polynies sit, heels are together.

Hands are right in front of that bar,

just as the stabilizer would not burn the grip.

Now, keep the shoulders set over the hips,

and inhale, heel that right heel up,

exhale, roll it down,

inhale, heel that left heel up,

exhale, roll it down.

One more time, all three,

right heel lift,

and front left heel lift,

and front.

Now, inhale, both heels up,

and lower down.

And roll all the heels up,

and down.

Good, keep the shoulders set over the hips,

keep the spine nice and tall.

On this heel lift, keep them lifted,

if you're feel separated,

bring them back together.

So, we're almost to be testing the heels are together.

Keep the shoulders over the hips,

inhale, heel those knees apart,

diamond squat,

exhale, squeeze from the heels,

and invite as you lengthen back to step.

Good, inhale, diamond squat,

heel is knees open.

Good, exhale, chest in.

Good, keep the spine tall,

keep the shoulders,

stacks over the hips,

inhale, chest in nice and open.

The tail on the left, down,

as long as our belly is drawn inward and upward.

We have three.

And two.

Good, now, coming to the thigh and floor,

and holding, holding.

Good, pulse the knees open.

Shh, shh, shh, shh.

Good, foot four.

Three, two.

Now, press the knees as wide as you'll go,

keep those heels together,

and then pulse your diamond squat down.

Shh, slow.

Shh, shh.

Bring the reach.


One, now, go into that pulse and hold it.

Lower one more inch.

Come up an inch,

and down an inch.

One more up an inch.

Down an inch.

All the way up.

Lower those heels down.

Walk those feet back,

hinge into a no stretch.


Stretch, toes back towards the high,

low, maybe with the hips sway from side to side.



And one, inhale, lift that chest,

then come into a small stretch.

His pelvis stretch forward, open the heart,

and keep the arm straight, shoulders down the back.



One, one, four, back out.

Stretch into the back.

Hold forward, then come to the spine.

Now, ladies, from this L stretch,

press the palms down on top of that bar.

You're pressing the bar down.

Walk the feet forward and stack the spine simultaneously.

Keep pressing down on the walk forward and stack the spine.

At the top,

inhale, shoulders to the ears.

And let them go.

Nice work.

Let's come back to your forward.

Grab your ring and your ball.

The ring is gonna be in the hands.

The ball is between the knees.

The ball is between the knees.

The ring is in the hands.

So, once you're in position,

that ring is right over the center of the chest or cage

that tries to turn the ring down to your chin.

Let's bring those knees into table top and lightens.

The knees are stacked exactly over the hips.

The shins are parallel to the core.

The lower belly is going in upward.

Good, hold this for four.



Now, maintain civilly in the lower body.

Keep those knees stacked over the hips.


Exhale, squeeze the ring and press it away.


Breathe it back in.

Squeeze and press.

Inhale, breathe it in.

Good, squeeze and press.

Keep those shoulder blades anchored down.

Get that full extension.

Breathe in for three.

Exhale, two.

Exhale, one.

Keep those arms extended.

Keep those shoulders blades anchored.


Exhale, squeeze that ring.





Keep those elbows over the shoulders.

Bend the elbows.

Give yourself a halo.

Try to set press on your exhalation.

Keep those elbows stacked over the shoulders.

One or nine, chopping through the air.


Good, for four.

And three.

And two.


Extend those arms.


Now, exhale, squeeze that ring and pull it in.


Inhale, breathe it out.

Squeeze and pull it in.

So, to reverse the intentional movement,

here's the feel is more than trapezius.

Be a little bit in the triceps,

even in the top of your own leaf.

You need two more.

One ring that ring all in back,

bend toward the chest and pull those feet down

to the far to rest.

Feel those knees, reach a little bit from side to side.

And down, gee.




And once, set that ring off to the side,

get it out of the way.

So, we're gonna do your chest lifts and your hundredth

without the spring-based resistance.

Just to really come stronger into your foundation.

So, your embryos knees back to table top

and the virtual giant's towards the sides.

You're gonna pull dead by pose.

Drop those shoulder blades.

Make sure that these are stacked over the hips.

Like the air is really a bit in here.

Take a deep breath in.

As you fold your chest over your page,

press those arms down through that thickness of the air

until your arms are parallel to the carriage.

Make sure your shoulder blades are down.

Those fingers are reaching towards that foot bar.

Inhale, maintain that contraction,

then open it back up, come back to dead foot pose.

And again, exhale, fold the chest.

Press those arms like the air is thick.

Reach, reach, reach, complete your exhalation

and then inhale, open it back up.

Good, keep going.

Fold the chest, press the arms down and reach.

Once your exhalation is exhausted, inhale, open it back up.

Good, give me three more.

You can add a ball squeeze to your chest,

look to intensify that work.

Squeeze the ball, fold the chest,

press the arms and reach.


And one.

Good, inhale, open it back up to dead by pose.

Fold those feet down, give that lower back quick break

before your hundreds.

Was that effective without the spring still?



Does it, do you feel like you connect for

the attention of what is getting me to that point

when you slow it down?



Ha ha ha.

Very good.

All right ladies, that is a preparation for your grandeur.

Let's come back to dead by pose.

The exact number of the hips,

the arms are reaching straight towards the sky.

Deep breath and heel, come back

into your chest, lift, fold that chest,

press those arms down, make sure your shoulder

blades are down.

There's a chin, or sorry, there's a tennis ball

size base for your chin and the chest.

Good, let's pump those arms from the shoulders.

Breathe in two, three, four, five and X.

Two, three, four, five and in and out.

Four, five, down and out.

Four, five, keep those arms energetic.

Reaching towards that bar.

So if you want to progress,

your legs can extend towards the sky.

We're anywhere between the 90s, 45 degree angle.

Most important is that that is quite imprinted

and you're reaching from the shoulders

to the fingertips.

Now let's add on to your last four

with each exhalation squeeze your ball.

As you inhale, relax the squeeze.

Exhale, squeeze.

Two, three, four, five and your legs.

Two, three, four, five, the last round.

Squeeze, good and inhale back to dead butt pumps

and pull those feet down, arms down to your stomach.

Good, so whatever those knees,

you can try to slide, do my knees,

and I swear to you,

all right, this is three, two, one.

Let's let that ball off to the side.

Pressing away from that foot bar,

reach for your long straps.

Let's get the feet in straps.

One minute time, right to the heart of the foot.

Get that small extension of the legs towards the sky.

Make sure to have with this anchor,

lengthen those hamstrings,

maybe a bit of love tug on those cords.

Okay, three, two, three, four, five, four, five.

Three, those hamstrings, longer, three, two,

and one, releasing the cords.

Keeping heels stacked over the hips

and bringing those heels together to pull on your feet,

externally rotating those hips.

Deep breath in, inhale,

lengthen, press those legs all the way down to 45,

keep that lower back and press it.

Inhale, resisting the springs pull on the up stretch.

Exhale, engaging the pelvic floor

as you press the leg back down to 45.

Good, you have three more here.

Inhale, resisting the springs pull.

Exhaling, able to spine as you press,

it looks like it's down.

Good, two.


And one.

So, let's go, go, go.

Let's meet at that 45 degree angle,

heels towards the high,

like as it's cherries between the heels,

don't drop it, froth your legs,

bend those knees wide,

but don't let them higher than the hips.

Exhale, press, and this heels will right back down

at the same 45 degree angle.

Good, that's really one of the gains

to keep those heels tracking on that same plane of movement.

Don't let the heels lift or lower.




For four.

And three.

Last, two.

At 45 degree, straight legs, heel beats,

rapidly tap those heels together.

Keep lengthening those legs,

pressing into those long straps,

tap, tap, tap, and breathe.

Number five, four, three, two, one.

Stay on the straight line,

make sure the resistance is always below.

The hips for your openings,

point to open the legs,

and then flex,

because we go heels back together.



The legs straight are on a straight line, open,

and a straight line hit.

So, resist the urge to let those feet pull a leg,

which is a big, beautiful, and new.

You wanna keep your body leg in,

so that it's straight open,

and straight together.

So, your tail leg is gonna do it now.

So, press down for a wheel of the horse,

right here,

and then back here.


So, that's the front knee.


And three.


And two.


Now, we're doing a little bit of combo coordination.

So, you have 45 degrees at the end of the class.

Ready to get back to the top.

Broad leg, inhale, bend this knee's wide.

Exhale, press those heels back down,

the 45 degree angle, pause.

Heel beats for five, four, three, two, one.

Inhale, open.

Exhale, flex and squeeze those heels together.

Back to the top,

broad leg, inhale.

Exhale, press it out.

Inhale, beat for five, four, two, one.

Opening, inhale.

Exhale, squeeze those heels back together, 45.

Frog, inhale,

broad leg, exhale.

Inhale, beat for five, one, two, three, two, one.

Opening, inhale.

Flex and squeeze those heels together.

Last side, frog, inhale, inhale.

Exhale, cross it out.

Heel beats for five, four, three, two, one.

Opening, inhale.

Flex and squeeze those heels together.

Good, stretch those legs back up towards the sky.

Slowly open into a wide straddle stretch.

One more time.

Exhale, squeeze those heels together.

Slowly open into a wide straddle stretch.

Once you arrive, point and flex the feet for four.

And then keep that left leg extended, bend them right knee.

Bring that right heel towards them in one of the body.

That right knee is outward of your core.

So these legs.

And then lift them up right knee.

And then lift them up right knee.

Bend them left knee.

Bring that left heel towards them in one of the body.

Keep the left knee bent.

Bend the right knee.

Bring the soles of each together.

And assist it by the fly stretch.

Keep those heels where they are, or press into those long struts

lower the feet down.

Close to torture your tailbone.

They'll notice how your straps are comfortable to spend their quarters.


Inhale, lift the knees.

Bring them towards the other.

Right side.

So stay your knee and stretch down.

My gherst got lifted knee up like a little flutter up and down.

Knees, lift up and down.

Knees, knees, knees.

Knees, knees, knees.

Yeah, yeah, there it is.

A little butterfly flutters.

Yeah, yeah.






And one.

Now, those heels are towards the tailbone.

Bring them back towards the tailbone.

You'll need to come back towards one another one for the entire work to meet other those long struts.

And one another one for the entire work to meet other those long struts.

Let's come to the exit side of that carriage and then do a full reversal such as now facing your mirror.

The legs are through the shoulder blocks.

You're sitting towards the back as if your carriage is facing a mirror.

If anyone has any shoulder, there's more knee.

Nothing in the shoulder.

Mine's a little tight.

A little tight.

Okay, so if you have any limitations or tightness in the shoulders, you're going to start you off with the blue.

Otherwise, you'll get a red.

Just this one red.

The blind glues.

I've got all the green.

Well, you're sitting up right?

Just a little.

I do it this way.

Or a blue.


We're going to be able to block that.

Yes, yes, yes.

I have a red here.

I think what you say.

So, I have a red or blue.

I don't hurt your back.

I do it right now.

So, red is harder.

So, I'm going to stick it on.

I'm going to stick it on.


So, like, I'm going to press cross double-sucks.

Okay, I'm going to try.

So, let's do it.

So, our hands and straps.







It's just expansion.

Spine it super tall.

The arms are to the outside of your wooden panels.

Your fingertips are reaching down, but your crown is reaching up.

Inhale, exhale, press back.

Inhale raises the fullest room forward.

You're reaching down like your fingertips could brush the floor and open that chest.

Have it feel like the left is resistance.

Try your long surface.

So, it's our short-tressed

long surface.







So, I'm going to go.



I'm going to show you.




Last wide chest expansion.

You move a little closer to the back side.

Keep reaching those arms down and pulse back.




And one.

Inhale on our forward table.

Nice little forward fold to release.

Take a breath there.

And then, back to the side.

Back up.

Reach the arms forward.

Now, rotates the palms.

Facing the sky.

Draw the shoulder blades down.

On the back towards the hips.

It's like your triceps are on the table.

Inhale, exhale, bicep curl, pause.

90 degrees only.

90 degrees only.

Keep those elbows at shoulder level.

Inhale, get that full extension of arms.

Reach towards your mirror.

And then, exhale, curl again just back to 90.

Keep those shoulder blades moving down the back.

Crowd of the head is lengthening up.


So, a lot of shoulder stabilization here.

Maybe feel your triceps working in the heat as elbows level with the shoulders.

It means super warm.

And one.

Go into the bicep curl.

Hold it.

Inhale, exhale.

Rouse back towards your springs.

Halfway, take the bicep curl with you.

Serving up, clatter, inhale, exhale.

Send the arms up and out.

Let that arm extension bring your torso back to the top.

Bicep curl, inhale.

Take that bicep curl with you.

Round spine, roll back.

Inhale, exhale, serve that flare.

Lift it up and out.

Let that extension bring your torso back up.

Two more.

Bicep curl.

Round spine, roll back.

Curl with you.

Pause inhale.

Lift it up and out.


Last one.


Round spine, roll back.

Take that bicep curl with you.

Hold in here.

Exhale, lift it up and up.

And dive forward.

Take that stretch.




I'm so cold nature.

Go ahead and hang up those, uh, straps.

And do a quick reverse so you're now facing the aisles.

Coming all the back to your shoulder,

the left leg, and then you're going to first cross your leg.

And then reach back around for a short stretch.


So, so loose.

Once you have your hands and straps,

bring those arms all the way up and over.

And then reach back.

Hinge forward from your hips.

And then bring your fingertips and your thumbs and index fingers to form like a triangle.


Try and keep those cords on your shoulders.

Inhale, bend the elbows wide.

When those thumbs towards the center of the forehead,

exhale, cross, and out of 45 degrees.


Inhale, resist the springs full.


Stabilize the pelvic floor.

Keep those shoulder blades away from the nears.

And then reach the chest, nice and open.

Give me three.

Exhale for two.


Last one.

Into a pulse, little extension.

And then reach the arms and rear torso back up right.

And sweep those arms all the way down.

And sweep those arms back all the way up.

All the way down.


Now inhale, sweep those arms back.

Right arm sweeps down.













Andtty Quadris Radical.















See how nice and tall, take those arms over to a tee.

We're gonna rotate towards the front of the studio,

rotate the torso and saw,

reach your hands outside of pinky toe.

And inhale, exhale, face, crunch.

Rotate towards the back, exhale, reach through

the outside of pinky toe.

And inhale, exhale, face, forward.

Keep that spine nice and long.

Keep your sits bones anchored down.

Shh, inhale, exhale.

Rotate the back, and reach.

Inhale, exhale.

Last set to the front, saw, reach.

Inhale, exhale, last set.

Shh, good.

Inhale, exhale.

Once we've those arms up and overhead, interlace the palms

and press the palms, or the fingers press the palms away.


Open the chest.

Inhale, exhale, right down the center, hold.

Keep pressing the palms away.

Seven teens and draw the shoulders away from the ears.

Rollin deep breaths, wherever there's resistance,

hold the stretch before.

One, two, one.

And you have the arms stretch up.

Exhale, sweep the arms down.

Let's bring those legs into press house.

We'll finish up the neck release.

Open that wingspan.

Give yourself a great big hug.

Figure just to remind the shoulders to relax.

It's just polite.

Inhale, exhale, right here.

A little bit, right shoulder.

Keep gently drawing the shoulders down.

And then tracing the chin down towards the sternum.

Take a deep breath here.

And then left ear over the left shoulder.

Take a deep breath here.

Bring the head back to neutral.

Give yourself a big squeeze.

And love and appreciation.

We did an amazing job.

And then, jolly, big hug.