Congratulations on completing the Build-A-Bot Workshop! As a token of appreciation for your participation, you've earned a certain amount of Metaverse currency called:


Below are instructions on how to claim your sRibbits reward: 501 sRibbits for the first package, 2,501 for the Advanced package, and 5,501 sRibbits for the Expert package.

For a deeper understanding of sRibbits and their potential use in the upcoming Metaverse launching in Q2 2024, visit this link:

You can also join the official xToadz Discord to stay updated on the future of sRibbits here:

To learn more about the Songbird Blockchain, the most revolutionary, scalable, and secure blockchain on the planet, click here:

Claim your sRibbits

To claim your sRibbits, follow these 8 steps. Consider this a crash course in crypto onboarding. By the end, you'll be ahead of the curve with a pocket full of crypto!

Step 1: Download the Bifrost Wallet from your phone's app store.

Step 2: After installation, click on 'Create A New Wallet'.

Step 3: Write down the 'Recovery Phrase' that appears on the screen. Remember, if you lose this phrase, you lose your crypto. So, keep it safe! Do NOT take a photo or digitally back up this phrase. Handwrite it for maximum security. Also, set a 6-digit pin and/or enable biometrics for ease of use.

Step 4: In the Bifrost wallet, click on the arrow at the bottom of the page.

Step 5: Click on the 'receive' button.

Step 6: Search for the sRibbits currency at the top of the page. Type in sRibbits and select the coin.

Step 7: Click on the 'Share Address' button. This is your 'Public' address, similar to an email address.

Step 8: Email me your Public Address. I will verify the number of sRibbits you've earned based on your purchased package and I will then send you the corresponding amount.

Exciting Transformation: Currency Consolidation
The CEO of xToadz and the developer of Songbird City have announced an exciting transformation in their digital ecosystems. The two distinct currencies, sRibbits and Ribbits, currently operating on the XRPLedger and the Songbird blockchain respectively, are set to merge into a single currency – a unifying 'coin to rule them all'.

This move to consolidate will significantly decrease the total supply, which could potentially stimulate a surge in demand for the unified currency, 'Ribbits'. Ribbits promises a wide array of utilities including staking rewards, voting rights, and the ability to trade for real-world products, factors that will likely drive its demand upward.

Songbird City Metaverse: The Game Changer

Songbird City Metaverse, utilizing the groundbreaking Songbird LayerCake technology, is gearing up to redefine the metaverse landscape. This isn't just another digital world, but a unique, secure, and scalable platform offering unparalleled customizability. It will facilitate businesses to vend physical goods, enable art aficionados to explore multidimensional galleries, and allow friends to undertake global-scale treasure hunts for rare NFTs, exclusive experiences, and more. The launch is slated for Q2 2024.

The newly unified 'Ribbits' will serve as the primary currency of the Songbird City Metaverse, allowing users to purchase a vast array of items, provided a vendor is offering them. With the forthcoming DApp release, sRibbits will witness increased utility, and as we know, more utility equates to greater demand.

For further details, we recommend joining the conversation on their Discord link.

Build-A-Bot Workshop: Earn While You Create

Turning to the Build-A-Bot Workshop, once you've created a bot with us, you become a lifetime member of our community. As we prepare for the launch of the Build-a-Bot Workshop Metaverse in tandem with the opening of Songbird City, we're offering an exciting opportunity for both existing and new customers to earn airdrops - random rewards sent directly to their wallets at varied intervals. These could include coveted NFT airdrops, digital land ownership, governance coins, other cryptocurrencies, audio NFTs, 3D avatar upgrades for your Bot, and an assortment of digital collectibles.

Upon the launch of the Build a Bot Workshop Metaverse, customers will start reaping rewards indefinitely. The expansion of the Build a Bot Workshop is expected to directly influence the frequency and value of these airdrops. More information will be disclosed as we inch closer to the launch. Stay tuned for forthcoming updates.